ComicControl's Creator-owned Philosophy

ComicControl is distributed with the intent to help creators put their work out in the world.  Its purpose is to offer a simpler solution for those creators that want to publish their work independently and profit from their work under their own brand.  For this reason, ComicControl is free for these users.

Licensing Summary

Licensing for ComicControl is geared towards allowing the free use of the software for the digital publication of independent creator-owned works.  The free version of ComicControl may not be used by for-profit companies publishing non-independent works.  This means that the free version of ComicControl may be used by:

These parties may not use the free version of ComicControl:

In principle, the license only permits the commercial use of ComicControl by independent creators and creative teams.  The involvement of a publisher or distributor in any digital distribution using ComicControl without a paid license is prohibited.  Basically--if your ComicControl site makes money, the people profiting from it should fit in a walk-in closet.

This doesn't mean that larger companies and teams can't use ComicControl; however, they must purchase a commercial license for the software in order to use it.  Commercial licenses are sold on an individual basis and may include support and customization services.  To inquire about purchasing a commercial license, or need clarification if you may use the free version of ComicControl in your case, please contact

ComicControl is free to use for non-profit and non-discriminatory charitable or educational entities for any purpose that does not violate the prohibited uses contained within the free license.

Click here to view the full license for the free version of ComicControl.

Prohibited uses

There are certain activities that are prohibited by the ComicControl license, including but not limited to:

The free ComicControl license is revocable at any time by ComicControl, LLC, with or without cause.  As long as you're not a dick, however, you are unlikely to get your license revoked. See the fifth bullet point for examples of being a dick.

Use case examples

To better understand the acceptable and unacceptable uses of the free version of ComicControl, here are some examples of use cases.

If you're not sure that your intended use is permissible under the free license of ComicControl, please inquire at

Covering our asses

The free version of ComicControl is provided as-is and ComicControl is not responsible for any site failures caused by modifications to the software by the user or ComicControl's automatic updates.  ComicControl does not provide support for the free version of the software.  Like any free software, you use it at your own risk.

If you notice a bug in the code or would like to request a feature, please contact us at; however, by doing so you relinquish the right to claim ownership of any fixes or features that may but implemented in ComicControl as a result of your message.  This also applies to such messages in any other medium.  This includes code snippets sent directly to ComicControl.  

All components of ComicControl are either owned by ComicControl or distributed under various free licenses which permit their use for commercial purposes.  These components include: