Since this site has just launched and we have not really been asked a lot of questions yet, here’s the answer to some questions I suspect I might get in the future!

Who are you?

I am Erin Burt, the owner and creator of ComicControl LLC, which in turn owns ComicControl, the software.  I own a bunch of reptiles and occasionally breed them through one of my other businesses, Herpecology. I am a lady that has been programming professionally for about 12 years now, though only the last 4 of those years have been full time.  I write and draw my own comics, and I have been the lead tech at Hiveworks Comics since 2012, two facts which led me to create ComicControl.  

Who is this “we” you have written all over the site?

It’s the royal we. I’m the only one at the company.  It sounds better.

What the hell! Why do you only have English by default in ComicControl? Do you hate other languages or something?!


I love all languages, but, short answer: legal reasons.  Longer reason: lawyers are expensive and distributing translations as a base part of ComicControl would take some more complicated licensing I’m not quite ready for.  However, for those that have agreed to have their translations distributed here, I have made translation files available on the translations page!

How do you type with boxing gloves on?

I’m very talented.