Need to get in touch with us?  Please use one of the methods below to contact us!

Report a bug

The best way to report a bug is to submit a new issue on our GitHub page.  However, if you're not on GitHub, you can also report bugs or other such issues to us at  

Request a paid license

If you are a company looking to use ComicControl to publish comic series or other material, please contact us at  ComicControl is not available to companies to use for commercial purposes without a license for this purpose.  If you are uncertain if you are allowed to use the free ComicControl license, please contact us at

Feature requests and feedback

If there is a feature you'd like to see in ComicControl, or a request or suggestion for further documentation you'd like to make, please contact us at  Please note that we have limited manpower and can only take these into consideration for future updates.  Please note that by sending suggestions, corrections, ideas, or any other form of feedback to us, you forfeit the right to claim copyright or ownership of that feedback or any code contained therein.  

Technical support

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide individual technical support for the free version of ComicControl and the software is provided as-is and without warranty.  If you have an issue installing or using the software, you may be able to get support from us or other members of the community by posting in our Facebook group.  Please be respectful of our and other users' time and read our getting started, support page, and documentation first before asking your question.  If you are unable to find an answer and believe you have encountered a bug, please report it as an issue on our GitHub or contact us at

Other questions

For all other questions, please contact  We have limited time and resources but we will attempt to respond to as many inquiries as possible.